Sunday, 8 December 2013


 About 2 weeks ago our year was asked to do a flash mob to promote this years musical Camity Jane. Only TY's + a selection of staff knew!  We combined "the windy city" (a Camity Jane song) + animal + 6 girls came up with a dance. We learned the dance pretty fast although some moves took longer than others to get right!! We had to practice in secret + during class time so the rest of school wouldn't find out. CJFM ( Calamity Jane flash mob) became our secret code ;) Finally we had our first chance to try the dance out one lunch time in school! At 10 to 2 "windy city" was played on the intercom and 1 by 1 we began to dance in the courtyard. The whole school was looking through all the windows and  surrounding the was a success I think!

Then on Saturday it was the real thing. The Celbridge christmas lights were being turned on in the church courtyard and we would perform our flash mob! We gathered before hand and then "casually" hung around the church! We gave out some leaflets about the musical and suddenly we started to dance....waving our hands and stamping our feet!! We did it and the excitement afterwards was great! Celbridge's first ever flash mob!! And there's more flash mobbing to come in a different secret location.......

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