Friday, 27 September 2013


At 7 in the morning all of TY got on a bus to start our 2 day trip to Carlingford adventure centre! Just after arriving we started our activities which included team games,laser combat and a night walk. We slept in a room with 12 others who were all my friends. It was great fun and we eat lots of sweets :)   The next day we did more activities! These included water activities in the rain ha-ha  zorbing and archery! The laser combat was my favourite because of the team work + course!! We then headed back on the bus home. I was wrecked to say the least!! Overall I had a great time in Carlingford and defiantly would be returning :D 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Results Day!!

It was the day i had been dreading...11th of September. Although I was nervous, I was also excited! As we lined up in our 3rd year class groups I could feel the tension in the air. Our principal and year head made speech's which seemed to last forever.  Finally I was handed the brown envelope and as I opened it I could feel my hands shaking. There in front of me lay my Junior Certificate results. My heart was racing as the realization of my results sunk it! All honours!!!! I was delighted and shocked. 

That night I went to my friends house to get ready for a disco! It was great to see all my friends so happy! We went to a junior disco called Time to celebrate our results  :) I had never been before which made the night even better. It was great fun and I couldn't have been more content. After Time we went to McDonald's which was a great way to end the night!  

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

workshops- 4th september

We had 3 workshops on the first Wednesday of TY. The first was all about achieving goals and personality. This was very interesting and the speaker was really enthusiastic. The second was very relaxing as we learned about shoulder massages and our aura! The third one was called Positive Parties and was a great,fun way to end the day!! We learned to be more positive and to be confident :) Until next time.....enjoy my favourite positive song!

Friday, 6 September 2013


Hey, I'm aisling :) Welcome to my blog! I'm sixteeen and in TY. As part of TY we were asked to create a blog showcasing our TY year. Our TY year was spilt into 3 different classes - Tabei, Tereskova and Cornaro. The 3 classes are a mix of spanish and french students. I am in class Tabei along with 24 other girls. Although I have only been in tranisiton year a week I am enjoying the various activites and am looking foward to the ones planned in the future.