Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Results Day!!

It was the day i had been dreading...11th of September. Although I was nervous, I was also excited! As we lined up in our 3rd year class groups I could feel the tension in the air. Our principal and year head made speech's which seemed to last forever.  Finally I was handed the brown envelope and as I opened it I could feel my hands shaking. There in front of me lay my Junior Certificate results. My heart was racing as the realization of my results sunk it! All honours!!!! I was delighted and shocked. 

That night I went to my friends house to get ready for a disco! It was great to see all my friends so happy! We went to a junior disco called Time to celebrate our results  :) I had never been before which made the night even better. It was great fun and I couldn't have been more content. After Time we went to McDonald's which was a great way to end the night!  

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